Website Maintenance Tasks & Fixing WordPress errors.

Website Maintenance Includes:

  1. Updating Plugins / Modules
  2. Updating Website Software
  3. Updating Website Theme
  4. Updating images & text content
  5. Adding widgets or banners
  6. Minor CSS changes

What I will need from you:

  1. Maintenance Work Description
  2. Wp-admin login details or other platform admin login details
  3. FTP login details

Fixing WordPress Errors Includes:

  1. PHP, HTML and CSS  issues
  2. Theme and Plugin issues
  3. Woocommerce product, cart, checkout, shipping, payment issues
  4. Responsive and Layout issues
  5. WP Admin Login errors
  6. Internal Server errors
  7. Fatal errors
  8. Database Connection errors
  9. Connection Timed Out errors
  10. Install and Setup errors
  11. Security issues

What I will need from you:

  1. WordPress Error Description
  2. Wp-admin login details
  3.  cPanel login details
  4.  FTP login details
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